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Become A High School Sponsor

Become A High School Sponsor

Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a high school sponsor. Please fill out this form and our education coordinator will get back to you and assign you a student from our wait-list.

Once you submit the sponsor application you will be redirected to our sponsorship payment page where you can choose your payment plan ($32.50/mo., $130/4mo., or $390/yr). If you are not wanting to pay for you sponsorship online, we will reach out to you for more information. Thank You!


Sponsorship helps provide for students' mandatory fees, books, uniforms, and room and board when applicable. We have three payment plans to choose from.

Yearly: Pay $390 once for the school year

Each Trimester: Pay $130 every 4 months 

Monthly: Pay $32.50/mo. recurring payments